In some circumstances AKB recommends painting or refinishing existing cabinets. This should never be confused with refacing. Painting and refinishing cabinetry can at times be an outstanding option to consider.

Three reasons that AKB may recommend painting cabinets instead of replacing them:

1) Cabinets are of a quality to accept paint

2) Cabinets function to your needs

3) Existing kitchen design works to your specifications

4) Options may include painting existing cabinets to work with an added cabinet componenet  i.e. adding an island then painting existing parameter cabinets to blend with the new island.

AKB will work to make your project fit within your budget. Painting quality cabinets is an alternative to replacement. Our paint specialists will work with you to provide a wide variety of finishes and colors. Call Artistic Kitchens & Baths for a consultation.

Common Misconceptions

Refacing vs. Refinishing. 
Refacing a cabinet is a rare recommendation. Refacing involves removing and replacing all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones while the rest will be refaced to match your new fronts. It never fixes bad kitchen design, and it rarely can fix a poorly built cabinet. Refinishing tends to be the more affordable and higher quality option in most scenarios. Refinishing involves removing and sanding the old finish down to the bare wood then applying the new finish over the original door.

All cabinetry can be painted or refinished. 
This is not always true. Depending on the finish, age, and wood species there are many times cabinetry can or should not be repainted or refinished.

It is more expensive to replace kitchen cabinetry than it is to refinish or repaint.
This is something we hear all the time. The most expensive component of a cabinet is typically the door. With this in mind, refinishing or repainting a cabinet if done properly can cost as much as replacement. It’s best to ask a professional to assess your own specific needs to determine the best course.